Wednesday, February 11, 2015

When does experience count?

You can't get a job without experience and you can't get experience without a job. Everyone knows that by now. What I want to focus on is what experience gets you.
Here are some places I think experience counts a lot. Your hairstylist, doctor or dentist are good examples. The new bank teller may be slower and nervous, but you end up satisfied as long as the job gets done right. Waiting a bit longer because someone is inexperienced is a slight inconvience. By the time you go back next week, the teller is doing fine. A bad haircut, or tooth cleaning can take longer and leave mental scars.
In skilled jobs in seems to me that after so many years of doing the job should count towards getting the job. Here is the scenario : you do the job for years and then a position opens up that you apply for. You are told you cannot apply because you don't have the right or necessary degree. It does't matter that you have over twenty years experience and can do the job. So a new person is hired and you help train them. Sucks, right?
All that experience doesn't help you one bit.
Personally, I filled in for the reference librarian twice. Once for six months, and one for three months. I had over twenty-five years of library experience and an English degree, and was assured "they knew I could do the job to fill in and that "they" had great faith in me. However, when I asked if I could apply, NO was all "they" said as I didn't have an MLS and experience didn't count.
Now the county is looking for a new County Administor, again. But they have an interim Administor who is doing the job without complaints and she wants the job. She will have to apply and I wonder just what the qualifications are, and will her experience count?
After a certain time experience should trump a degree!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Baby Boomers

This morning while enjoying my coffee I read through a newspaper insert called "Profile". I was just flipping through the pages and when I got to the end I noticed a connection between the adverts. There was one for a pain rub, one for a snazzy portable oxygen carrier, one of those "ride the steps" elevator machines, comfy leisure bras and a memorial bracelet.  God, we are all getting so old! Next up will be classy tv ads on how to do an elegant and tasteful funeral, or worse yet, a listing of funeral homes, prices, and recommendations. Sort of like an "Angie's List" for funerals.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Thing 23--Evaluation

What I really found out is that I don't want to be too connected.  It seems no one send email anymore, just business and ads, so I follow facebook to see what everyone is doing.  I don't text or answer my cell phone for that matter.  Experimenting with all the things has expanded my horizons!  

Thing 22--Discovering apps

Great idea for finding even more information.  I can't wait to find a free for apple app that I want.  When we were doing hobbies I was disappointed not to find some in the way of beading, but I will search again using Quixley and see what turns up.  Oh, I forgot to same that I also play Words of Wonder.  

Thing 21---free for all

I like EBay!  I love the app!  I try not to go too crazy on buying things.  I actually use eBay at work for when a patron wants to know what something might be worth.  It gives a good ballpark figure.  I have also found old pictures from a patron's description, old cross-stitch patterns and things like that.  My other favorite app is Pinterest, but you all know about that one.  One I was delighted to find, was a timer I could set so I can take a short snooze on lunch.  Or if I am trying to do my clenching exercises while sitting in my chair.

Thing 20---Games

Really?  I am on level 189 of Candy Crush.  I downloaded two of the games apps you listed and have enjoyed Word Collapse, and the bubble popping save the baby kittens one.  I think I use my iPad more for games than anything else.  Isn't that sad to have a device so powerful it can access all the information in the world, and I use it to play with!

Thing 19---Hobbies

I really like the idea of "Road Ninja".  I have a great GPS which has totally changed my life, seriously, but the little Ninja guy gives more detail on stops.  One downfall is that you have to have it on the device that has a data plan.  Well of course everyone would realize that but me, the first time:). I am thinking about how great this will be for parents on a long drive with crabby bored kids in the back seat.  "Hey kids, want to stop and see the world's largest ball of string?